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On-Site Medication Prescription

Medications are essential in managing many health issues. Sometimes, these medications are difficult to understand and even seem unnecessary. In situations like this, that’s when you need London GP Clinic to help you understand the medications you are taking, why you are taking them, and what alternatives you have.

We dispense many common medications at London GP Clinic and give out prescriptions for those medications we do not have. We ensure that getting medications is made easy that is why we also help arrange next day deliveries.

We have everyone at heart, that's why we also provide visitor's prescriptions for patients who are visiting London and forget their essential medications.

If you need a prescription for specific specialist prescriptions, you would need to tender a formal document from your consultant. We make exceptions for repeat prescriptions if we know you and are aware of the former prescription.

The cost of any medication you get from us is determined by the actual cost of the medications, but most times, we charge less than the £8.40 being charged for an NHS prescription.

We can also fill repeat prescriptions with our pharmacy but, we do not prescribe 1 – 3 months controlled medication.

Visit London GP Clinic today at Suite 15, 117A Harley Street, London, W1G 6AT to get your on-site medication prescription.