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United Nations Pre-Employment Medicals

United Nations Pre-Employment Medicals

Have you always wished or thought of volunteering with the UN? Here is what you need to know. If you want to work or volunteer with the UN, you will likely carry out a thorough entry or medical examination to get a medical certificate for that position you are applying for.

At London GP Clinic, we are well-grounded in carrying out a UN pre-employment examination, and we are readily on standby to help you out with the examination and certification.

We would perform a medical exam and carry out the necessary blood test in only 30 minutes at the cost of £270 (excluding VAT). Some medical services like UN medicals which are not directly related to either maintaining or improving an individual's health are usually subjected to VAT. The VAT will be billed to you by London GP Clinic. 

An ECG will cost an additional £35 while £73.60 will be added for a stool test. Most times, your medical form will be duly filled and made available to you within a day.

The UN medical examination includes:

  • Biochemistry profile
  • Haematology profile
  • Urine test
  • X-ray
  • Syphilis test
  • ECG and stool test if indicated

We will refer you to one of our partners for the chest x-ray while we will carry out the other tests in our clinic.

Just call us on 020 70434318 to book for your 30-minute consultation and also get the price quote for your specific UN medical form.