South African Visa Medical

South African Visa Medical

South Africa is a fascinating place to visit, and because of this, it is easy to get your mind off the essentialrequirements for the visa application to the fun of the vacation. If you are planning to stay within the borders of South Africa past 90 days, know that it will be required of you to undergo a thorough medical exam before applying to get a visa.

What the medical exam includes

The medical exam for South African immigration visa consists of a thorough physical exam and a chest x-ray before being offered a certificate as a proof of fitness.

The duration of the appointment

The appointment will last for about 15 minutes, where our qualified doctor will run the medical exam and help you complete your form. When he finishes, we will refer you to one of our partner clinics for your chest x-ray. You will have to bring the radiologist’s report from the South African department of home affairs for the radiologist on our partner clinic to complete.

The cost of the exam

We charge £174 + VAT. This charge includes the chest x-ray you will be undergoing. For this x-ray, we will refer you to one of our partner clinics.

What you should bring for the exam

We will need you to bring a form you will require us to help you complete for the test. For the chest x-ray, you will have to take with you the radiologist’s report for the attending radiologist to complete.

The expected day for the collection of results

In a normal situation, your result will be available for collection after three working days, but if your case is rather urgent, we can arrange for it to be available on the same day. The imaging clinic will also be ready to provide you with the result on the same day we will be giving you ours. For this reason, we will appreciate if you tell us on the phone or email if the same-day visa is what you need so that we can make arrangement.

How to book

You can book an appointment online to meet with one of our qualified doctors. Mentioning the “South African medical exam” will help us make better arrangements for your meeting. You can also place a phone call to 020 70434328 to book an appointment.

We will love you to note that the cost of this medical examination for visa and others which are not directly related to promoting one’s health is with VAT which will be charged by the London GP clinic.