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Womens Health

Women's Health

At London GP clinic, we offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of different categories of people. One of this service is the women health assessment which includes a variety of health screening for women of all ages. We have doctors and gynaecology specialist that are expert in handling women health issues. We also partner with other clinics who have women health specialist to ensure that you have access to quality women health services. With all these services we offer to women, we guarantee you that you would be attended to by highly qualified medical team.

When you book for an appointment, one of our GPs will be available to talk you through your health concerns, advise and refer you to our women's health specialist if your condition requires special attention. We also carry out the necessary women health services which include

Breast examination

If you are experiencing pain, dimpling, or feeling any kind of lump in your breast, you can visit London GP clinic for one of our experienced GP to carry out a breast examination on you.

Women's health screening

We have 6 different types of packages starting from bronze through platinum, giving you a choice to have a general assessment or specific women blood tests. We also have packages that cover ovaries and breast examination. Some packages might includes a consultation with an experienced GP or our gynaecologist for history review.

Contraceptive advice

Our GPs can advise you on the wide range of contraceptives available and how to use them. We also dispense morning-after pills and offer tests like blood pressure check if you are on the pill.

Menstrual advice

If your period is irregular or you experience excessive bleeding, spotting, and severe cramps,  You can visit our clinic, and our specialist gynaecologist will investigate the cause of the problem. We will conduct the necessary blood test, or get an ultrasound scan that can detect a polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Fertility hormone advice

Our GPs at London GP Clinic can carry out different hormonal tests on you and give you advice concerning your hormone issues. We provide prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to manage the effects of menopause.

Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy advice, and blood tests

If you want to conceive, our GPs or gynaecologist will carry out the necessary blood tests and screenings on you. We would also give you expert advice concerning pregnancy and preparing to get pregnant. We perform both generic urine pregnancy test and quantitative hCG blood test to determine the precise level of the pregnancy hormone in your body.

Fertility counselling, investigations, and referrals

If you are planning to have a baby, we will run the necessary fertility blood tests on you to investigate any potential fertility problems. We can also refer you to a fertility specialist if you need further investigations.


We have some of the best specialist gynaecologists, these specialists who will answer any questions you have, address your concerns, and provide treatment for any women's health-related symptoms that you are experiencing. At our clinic, we provide Minera and copper fitting, renewal, and removal.

Stress management 

You can come to us is you have difficulty managing the impact of your stress level on your day to day life. We would be glad to advise and discuss the problem with you. We also offer a wide range of mental health services.

Feel free to call us today on 020 70434318 to book for a GP consultation regarding any women health challenge you have.

* A blood draw fee of £50 is payable for blood tests, urine tests and swabs carry no surcharge.