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Private Sick Notes London

Private Sick Notes in London

Do you need a doctor's note to go back to work after staying away due to sickness? That's not a problem at all. Just come to us, and we can provide you with a private sick note to help you return to work smoothly. We are here to assist you in every step of the way.

Usually, you really do not have to provide evidence that you've been sick if you have stayed away from work for a week or less. But your employer will need to see a 'fit note' or 'sick note'(as it is sometimes called), from either a London GP or a hospital doctor in the event that you have been off work sick for a week (this includes non-working days like holidays and weekends).

Subscribe to a simple 15-minute online consultation with any of our GP's at our London clinic, at the cost of £65 only. For further enquiries, do well to give us a call anytime.

For £65, you can get a 15-minute GP consultation

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