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Pregnancy Blood Test

Pregnancy Blood Test

At London GP Clinic, we perform tests for pregnant women and women hoping to get pregnant. Our pregnancy and pre-pregnancy blood test includes

  • Pregnancy test
  • Antenatal profile
  • Chromosomal analysis (karyotype) preconception system
  • Ovarian reserve profile (day three sample)

Our pregnancy blood test costs £69.00 while urine pregnancy test costs £44.80. The result will be available in 4 – 6 hours.

Antenatal Profile

Our antenatal profile costs £623.00, and you can expect your result in 3 days. This test includes the following

  • FBC + 5-part differential
  • Blood group and rhesus type, atypical antibody screen, haemoglobin electrophoresis
  • Glucose
  • Varicella-Zoster IgG (immunity)
  • HIV 1 and 2 Abs
  • FT4/TSH
  • Hepatitis B sAg and hepatitis C Abs
  • Syphilis IgM/IgG
  • Rubella antibodies (IgM)
  • Toxoplasma (IgG/IgM)

Chromosomal Analysis (Karyotype) Preconception Screening

Chromosomal analysis (karyotype) preconception screening result takes 5 – 15 days to be ready and it costs£495.40.

Antimullerian Hormone

Antimullerian hormone takes4 days to get the result at the cost of £156.80.

You can always call us on 020 70434318 to book an appointment telling us the specific type of pregnancy test you require or come to our London GP Clinic today.

* A blood draw fee of £50 is payable for blood tests, urine tests and swabs carry no surcharge.