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St Kitts And Nevis Immigration Medical

St Kitts and Nevis Immigration Medical

Are you having St Kitts and Nevis in mind for work, or travel? If you answered yes to that, then you need to complete the required medical certificate for the visa application. You can complete your medical certificate with us by undergoing a thorough medical examination with our qualified doctor.

What the medical exam includes

The medical exam for St Kitts and Nevis consists of the following:

  • Medical exam
  • HIV blood test
  • Certificate

The duration of the appointment

This medical examination will require a 30-minute meeting with our doctor.

The cost of the medical examination

We offer affordable medical exam for St Kitts and Nevis, please call London GP clinic to get our updated prices.

What you should bring for the test

We hope you come with a valid means of identification and the immigration form to the appointment.

The day of the collection of results

Your result may be ready for collection either on the same day or next. If everything is in place, you can also get your completed form on the same day you get your result.

How to book

It is pretty easy to book with us. You can book online or through the phone. If you prefer the phone, please dial 020 70434318. No matter the means you are booking with, ensure to mention St Kitts and Nevis so that we can properly arrange for your appointment. A section for notes is available for everyone booking online to tell us their request.