Taiwan Visa Medical

Taiwan Visa Medical

Are you moving to Taiwan? Take a deep breath! I know you are excited because it's finally time for you to move to Taiwan.But before continuing with the joy, have you gotten a certificate for your Taiwan visa medical?

If you are considering applying for a Taiwanese visa like a student or residency visa, ensure thatyou have done the necessary for your visa medical for Taiwan immigration. However, before completing this certificate, you will need to undergo a few laboratory tests and a chest x-ray.

What the Medical Exam Involves

This medical exam involves the following:

  • Physical exam
  • Syphilis test:
  • MMR Antibodies blood test
  • Stool Test (if requested)
  • Chest x-ray
  • Certificate

The Duration of the Appointment

The first appointment will last for 15 minutes when you will be meeting with a qualified doctor who will becollecting your sample for the lab tests. When he finishes, he will refer you to one of our partner clinics for you to run the chest x-ray.

The second appointment will last for 15 minutes too, where you will be getting your fully-completed form after our doctor has received the results for your tests.

The Cost of the Exam

The exam for Taiwanese visa costs £360 + VAT. For your x-ray, we will direct you to a clinic we trust and partner.

What You Should Bring to the Appointment

For this appointment, you are to bring with you the form that will be completed by our GP.

The Probable Day of the Result

The results for the test and x-ray do not get past three working days before being ready. However, you will get your completed form during your second appointment with our doctor.

How to Book

You can book for a 15 minutes appointment with our doctor online or through a phone call on 020 70434328, but to help us make your meeting easier, mention ‘Taiwan medical exam’ while booking.

We will love you to note that the cost of this medical examination for visa and others which are not directly related to promoting one’s health is with VAT which will be charged by the London GP clinic.