British Virgin Islands Visa Medical

British Virgin Islands Visa Medical

If you have decided to go to the British Virgin Islands for any reason ranging from studying, working or permanent relocation, you will need to fill your British Virgin Islands Department of Immigration medical form. This is an essential requirement for your visa application. At London GP Clinic, we are experienced when it comes to immigration and visa medicals, and we are readily available to assist you in getting the medical examination you need to fill your BVI medical form.

What does a BVI visa medical exam involve?

To get your BVI visa medical form filled, you need to complete a medical exam which involves the following

  • History and physical examination
  • Urine microscopy
  • Haematology test
  • Biochemistry test
  • Chest x-ray

How long will the appointment take?

A BVI visa medical appointment requires two GP consultations. Each one lasts for 15 minutes.

The first appointment will be scheduled in order to carry out your tests, physical examination, and we would give you a referral for a chest x-ray to our partner clinic if necessary while the second appointment will be to complete and issue you your medical form.

When will my result be available?

You can get all your results within 3 working days.

How much does a BVI visa medical cost?

We offer our BVI visa medical which includes all lab tests and chest x-ray at the cost of £336 (includes VAT). You will be billed for VAT at our clinic on this service because it is part of the medical services subject to VAT since it does not directly maintain or improve an individual's health.

How do you schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is simple. Just give us a call on 020 70434318 to book an appointment with one of our GPs stating that you need BVI visa medical. Make sure you do not forget to bring your form along with you to your appointment.