Private Blood Tests London

Private Blood Tests London

Blood tests can be carried out privately at London GP Clinic. We endeavour to get most test results to you within 4 hours (depending on the blood test) and delivered via email or ‘phone.

However, during COVID this may take a little more time depending on how busy the laboratory is. We only use an accredited private laboratory in London.

How Do I Book A Private Blood Test?

Blood tests are done in our clinic without a referral from a GP.

If you believe a blood test is due and your own GP is unavailable or for any other reason, you can walk into our clinic and request the type of blood test you need.

You will need a standard consultation of £150 in addition to the cost of the blood test.

Common Blood Tests That We Carry Out

We have anextensive range of blood tests and our doctors are always available to advise you on what type is suitable for your condition during your appointment.

Below is a list of common blood tests available, their cost, and expected time ofthe results.

Type of test


Expected time of result

ABO Blood Group

· It is a test that determines your blood type.


2 days

Thyroid Function Test (TFT)

· This test measures the level of thyroid hormone in your blood. There are 3 tests involved in a TFT but your condition and symptoms will determine the one needed.

Starts from £86.40

4 – 6 hours

General Health Screen

· This is used to determine the overall health of an individual it includes:

· full blood count, thyroid testing, glucose, cholesterol, and iron levels.


4 – 6 hours

Vitamin and Nutrition Blood Test

· Check for vitamin B, C or D levels. This test can be offered as part of a wider test or as an individual test.

From £86.40

4 – 6 hours

Pregnancy Blood Test

· To detect pregnancy at an early stage.


2 days

FBC Blood Test

· A full blood count (FBC) measures the number of blood cells.

· It is used for any infection, anaemia, and blood clotting factors.

From £53.60

4 – 6 hours

Sexual Health Testing

· HIV and syphilis require blood testing unlike most STD testing that requires other body fluid e.g. urine.

Starts from £69

4 – 6 hours

Liver Function Test

· Measures enzymes and proteins produced by the liver in the bloodstream.


4 – 6 hours

Kidney Function Test

· Measures electrolytes in the blood to determine the functionality of your kidneys.


4 – 6 hours

Our walk-in service at London GP Clinic takes into account the numbers waiting to be seen by the doctor so it is best to email or phone beforehand for an appointment however we can carry out blood testing for urgent cases.

To book an appointment simply call 0207 043 4318 or email