Immigration and Visa Medicals

Immigration and Visa Medicals

We are always available to carry out medical examinations during your visa application for different countries. Our immigration and visa medicals services cover for the following

  • Bahrain visa medical
  • Barbados visa medical
  • Bermuda visa medical
  • British Virgin Island visa medical
  • Cayman Islands visa medical
  • China visa medical
  • Ghana visa medical
  • Indonesia visa medical
  • Kuwait visa medical
  • Oman visa medical
  • Saudi Arabia visa medical
  • St Kitts and Nevis visa medical
  • Thai visa medical
  • Turks and Caicos Islands certificate of good health
  • United Arab Emirates visa medical
  • Vietnam visa medical

The medical exam for each country's visa requires a 30-minute consultation, but complex medical forms may require more time. You can call us if your specific visa medical is not listed above, and we will be happy to get it done for you but we do not offer visa medicals for countries like the United States, New Zealand,Canada, and Australia which requires panel doctors to carry out your medical examination.

If your visa medicals require a chest x-ray, we will refer you to our partner radiology clinics where you will be billed separately for the x-ray. Visa medicals fall in the category of medical services that do not directly maintain or improve your health and are subject to VAT which will be billed separately at our clinic.

Reach out to us via 020 70434318to schedule an appointment for your visa medicals today. Make sure you specify your requirements when you call so we can give you a time estimation and cost quote. Remember to bring your visa medical form along when you come for your GP consultation.