Breast Screening

Breast Screening

If you have any breast problem and need a referral to see a breast specialist, you can get it from us. At London GP Clinic, we give referrals to see a breast specialist, but you have to speak with one of our GPs during a 15-minute consultation who will be able to provide you with a same-day referral letter.

If a private breast screening is what you want, we can also talk you through your options if you need onebefore arriving at a decision to ease your mind.

Our Breast Services

Services you can get from any of the breast surgeons include

Initial consultation with the breast surgeon £250
Follow-up consultation with a breast surgeon £180
Unilateral £190
Bilateral £240
3D mammogram  
Unilateral £255
Bilateral £275
Unilateral £250
Bilateral £350

If you require any testing or consultation with a breast surgeon, you will have to make payments in advance during your consultation in our clinic.

You will get the result of the imaging you carried out within 48 hours of your scan. The GP who attended to you in our clinic will issue and explain the implications of your result to you.

Visit the London GP clinic today to get a breast specialist referral or call us on 020 70434318 to schedule an appointment.