Blood Tests

Private Blood Tests London

At London GP Clinic, we carry out a variety of private blood tests in London. We always try to deliver blood test results quickly. Most of the blood tests we carry out can be delivered to you via email or phone call within 4 hours.

How Do I Book A Private Blood Test?

You can get a blood test done at our clinic without a referral from a GP. If you want to perform a blood test, you can walk into our clinic and request for the type of blood test you desire to run.

How Do I Get My Blood Test Result?

You can receive the result of many of our blood test within 4 hours. We send the result through an email or phone call depending on which medium you choose.

Common Blood Tests That We Carry Out

We carry out anextensive range of blood tests and our doctors are always available to advise you on what type is suitable for your condition during your appointment. Below is a list of some common blood tests that are available, their cost, and expected time for result.

Type of test Cost Expected time for result
ABO Blood Group
  • It is a test that determines your blood type.
£73.00 2 days
Thyroid Function Test (TFT)
  • This test measures the level of your thyroid hormone in your blood. There are 3 tests involved in a TFT but your condition and symptoms will determine the one needed.
Starts from £88.00 24 hours
General Health Screen
  • It is an overall health examination which includes checking your full blood count, thyroid testing, glucose, cholesterol, and iron level.
£148.00 24 hours
Vitamin and Nutrition Blood Test
  • Check for vitamin B, C or D level. We offer this test as part of a wider test or as an individual test.
From £87.00 24 hours
Pregnancy Blood Test
  • To detect pregnancy at an early stage
£69.00 2 days
FBC Blood Test
  • This test measures the number of each of your blood cells. FBC blood test is an indicator of infection, anaemia, and blood clotting
From £56 24 hours
Sexual Health Testing
  • HIV and syphilis require blood testing unlike most STD testing that require other body fluid like urine
Starts from £69 24 hours
Liver Function Test
  • It measures the enzymes and proteins produced by the liver into the bloodstream
£63 24 hours
Kidney Function Test
  • This test measures the amount of electrolytes in the blood to determine the functionality of your kidney
£64 24 hours

You can book an appointment with us by simply calling us on 020 70434318 or walk into our London GP Clinic to carry out any type of blood test.

* A blood draw fee of £50 is payable for blood tests, urine tests and swabs carry no surcharge.