Why Choose London GP Clinic?

  • One flat fee, no obscene charges to expedite results
  • Over 80% of patients receive their results under 24 hours, 90% within 36 hours
  • Completely free to book, pay only when you attend the clinic
  • Extremely experienced, trained staff take your sample in our purpose-built private Harley Street medical clinic

London COVID-19 swab testing - fit to fly certification.

For most destinations you wish to travel internationally you are likely to need a COVID-19 PCR test result that shows negative, before you get on your flight.

At London GP Clinic we are pleased to be able to offer a premium COVID 19 PCR test privately, with our guarantee of results within 48 hours. Many people who come to us for testing have done so because they've been let down by postal testing and have suffered delays because of samples being lost in the post, taking longer to arrive or be delivered later than expected, and have faced the trauma of missing their flight and all the problems that encompasses, because they have not received their Covid PCR for travel test results.  London GP Clinic uses the laboratory which is within walking distance of our clinic. Within one hour of your having given your sample, it will be at the liberatory ready for analysis.

We are proud of the record we have, through our testing of thousands of travellers, that all have departed on their travels on time, where the patient had booked a test with us 48 hours prior to their time of departure.  Observing this timing will ensure that your test results are available before you travel so that you have peace of mind and no last minute panics.

In certain circumstances we will carry out PCR testing that has a same day result turn around. However there are strict stipulations over this expedited testing so please call us at the clinic if you think that you need this service.

London GP Clinic PCR test for Travel - £199

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Do I need to have a PCR Test?

We are all aware of the devastating effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the aviation sector. In order to expedite a return to normal travel IATA now requires PCR testing for passengers who are travelling by air. These measures have been taken to better guarantee passenger safety and to help to prevent the spread of the disease over borders. These measures will inevitably mean that there may be delays and departure or arrival on journeys by air but many airlines now require this test to be done before patients are allowed to board their flight.  At London GP Clinic we are seeing more and more people who want to be certain that they can travel by having this simple test.

What Will happen when I have the travel COVID-19 PCR test?

The initials PCR stand for ‘polymerase chain reaction’. this is a test that will detect any presence of the virus within your system. It identifies the RNA –(the genetic makeup of the virus) in a swab that is taken from the nose or the throat, sometimes both.  Once the test has been taken and it arrives in the laboratory a reagent will be added to it. If there is a virus present the reagent will trigger a reaction that will result in the creation of copies in their billions of the virus RNA.  We then have our result.

Who should have a COVID-19 PCR test before they travel?

The answer to this question is that anybody asked to produce negative PCR results by their airline or country of destination who is taking an international flight should be taking this test before they travel.

If you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, such as a high temperature or loss of smell or taste you should be self-isolating and you should NOT be travelling. Please do not come in to clinic if you have any symptoms or been told to self-isolate.

The PCR Test doneIn-Clinic is for people who are wishing to travel or workrelated only, in order to confirm that they do not have the Coronavirus.

With correct swab technique the testing we offer will be accurate. This is why we can only verify samples taken in the clinic by our own staff.

The Fit to fly Certificate - What is it?

The fit to fly certificate might also be called the fit to fly letter. This is a medical certificate that will be signed by a doctor and will confirm that you are virus free and able to fly. We would not certify any test not done in our clinic because we will only certify patients COVID-19 free if we have conducted the test ourselves. 

The London GP Clinic will offer you fit to fly PCR COVID-19 certificates where your result has returned as negative. The certificate will be authenticated and signed by our doctor who is a member of the General Medical Council (GMC).  The cost for this certificate will be £50.

LONDON SWAB TEST for COVID-19 - PCR For Travel Only - £199

Points to be aware of.

The time frame that we mentioned previously has to be set at between 48 and 72 hours and this will be dictated by the airline you are using.  Airlines will normally have rigid time frames and will tell you the interval that you need to observe when you are ordering and booking a test. Before booking your test make sure that you are aware of:

  • which day during the week you are departing - we do have limited opening hours over the weekend.
  • Whether you are going to require fit to fly certificate as well as your Covid-19 PCR test

The airline and Embassy -certified PCR Test

So that you can be sure that your test is the best available Public Health England has given its full accreditation to our COVID-19 swab tests so that the test that you take with us is guaranteed to be valid with both embassies and airlines. The only test currently accepted by all airlines to include Emirates, British Airways, and the Thai national carrier is the PCR antigen swab test.

Our qualified medical personnel will provide your fit to fly certificate as soon as the negative COVID-19 PCR swab test is received.

Airline Requirements:

Here are some of the current airline requirements

  • Jet2 - fit to fly certification
  • TUI - fit to fly certification
  • Ryanair- fit to fly certification
  • easyJet- fit to fly certification
  • Wizz Air- fit to fly certification
  • British Airwaysfit to fly certification
  • Emiratesfit to fly certification
  • AirAsiafit to fly certification

COVID 19 Test In-Clinic

for Travel - £199

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Travel Advice - Covid-19 restrictions

The UK government has issued comprehensive advice including territories and countries that are either subject to ‘all but essential travel’ restrictions.  If your travel is essential you will still have to follow rules aimed at lowering any potential spread of the virus and that protect you from coming in contact with the virus.  It is your responsibility to keep yourself up to date with the official requirements and advice for any country that you plan to travel to. The foreign and Commonwealth Office have a very useful section on their website giving advice to travellers so that they can keep safe while they're on the move.   You can contact the airline that you were travelling with to get precise instructions as to what you need to do to be able to travel with them.  They should also be able to tell you what COVID related entry requirements are in place in the country you're travelling to.  it is also important to make sure but you have adequate travel insurance cover that will cover you in the event that your trip is interrupted or cancelled due to COVID-19.

If you do fall sick while you are travelling.

Corona virus symptoms to look out for include:

  • A new and persistent cough
  • A high temperature
  • Any change to your sense of taste or smell

if you do notice the presence of any of these symptoms:

  • If you have yet to leave you should immediately cancel your trip and seek medical advice.
  • As per the COVID-19 guidelines you should self-isolate and stay on your own either at home or in a hotel if you've already travelled.
  • Check and comply with local instructions health measures.
  • Seea doctor or any other relevant healthcare provider.
  • Inform your insurance company and take their advice on what you should do next.
  • Consult a doctor or other health professional to ensure that you are fit to travel when you have no more symptoms.

COVID 19 In-Clinic Test. for Travel - £199

It is important but if you suspect you may be infected with coronavirus you do NOT attend clinic for testing.
Please send your test results by Courier instead At the clinic

  • You should always make an appointment before you come to clinic.
  • Once you are at the clinic a member of the nursing team will take a sample from you
  • Because we are doing our best to observe social distancing, you might be asked to wait for a period of not more than 10 minutes so that we can maintain social distancing.

You will get your results within our guaranteed period of 48 hours of having your swab taken although a period of 24 to 36 hours is a lot more typical. Your results will be stamped and will also bear one of our doctor’s signatures along with the signed certificate if you have selected to have one. You can collect a hard copy from our clinic .

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It is the test that is universally accepted that can identify an active infection.

This will be done by taking a swab from the nose and throat.

We guarantee 48 hours turn around but more often 24 – 36 hours is when results are ready.

COVID 19 test for travel is £199

Just click book now and fill in your details.

Your sample will be taken by swab by a trained nurse.

You need to time your test according to when you need the result.

Yes, just book online and add the whole family to your booking.

Provided you have been tested with us, we can certify you.

Yes, just call at the clinic for a copy

COVID19 Swab Testing

Why should I choose London GP Clinic for my test?

That is an easy one to answer. We are the most reliable PCR testing service in the city.  London GP clinic is a fully equipped medical clinic with full registration at the Care Quality Commission and we employ only doctors registered with the GMC.  We have been at our Harley Street location for many years and always use a laboratory that is situated within walking distance from us.  We are proud of our reputation as a reliable and accurate testing service, currently specialising in COVID testing alongside the routine blood and other samples that we have been involved in taking over many years.  Over the past six months we have seen many other testing services come and go while we have improved our offering so that we feel now that we offer the very best for our patients in London. When a test is booked and executed from our clinic, travellers can be confident that they will always have the right documentation when they are flying out of the country.

We have had high praise from many of the travellers and other patients that we have helped over this year and in the many years before that.  Please have a look at the references and other commendations we have had over the years and more recently for our COVID-19 testing service.

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