What is the turnaround time for an STD test?

What is the turnaround time for an STD test?

What is the turnaround time for an STD test?
01 Jun 2021

The turnaround time for an STD test would depend on the laboratory processing the test and the STD test you carried out. Below, you would find information on the average turnaround time for each STD test and how they compare with the NHS turnaround time for STD tests.


On average, getting a chlamydia test result is between 1 – 3 working days, and the NHS turnaround time is between 7 – 10 days.  


It takes between 1 – 3 working days to get a gonorrhoea test result, but the turnaround time is about two weeks on the NHS.


A syphilis test result can be available between 1 – 3 working days, and on the NHS, it takes between 1 – 2 weeks to get the result.  


The turnaround time for HIV test is 1 – 3 working days and 1 – 2 weeks on the NHS.


Getting a herpes test result can take between 3 – 4 working days. On the NHS, the turnaround time for herpes test is two weeks, but they do not offer herpes test regularly.   

Why are STD results quicker at London GP Clinic?

London GP Clinic has a private sexual health clinic offering premium STD testing services. Our turnaround time is shorter than the NHS for several reasons, including the following:

  • We offer streamlined health services between our laboratory and clinic
  • We have a dedicated team that processes results on the same day they receive the tests
  • We have a private laboratory that uses modern testing equipment, and the demand for tests is lower.

At London GP Clinic, we offer a wide range of STD test, and some of these tests have a shorter turnaround time.  

How long does it take to collect my sample and get the result?

Our streamlined clinic services allow you to have an appointment time. When you arrive at our clinic, a healthcare provider will take your samples immediately, and you can go about your daily activities. This allows you to spend the shortest possible time at the clinic, unlike the NHS service, where you may not have an appointment time and have to wait in the clinic for a long time to have your sample collected.  

What happens during STD testing?

STD testing does not cause discomfort, and it’s quick. No single test can detect all STDs, and each STD has its test. Depending on the type of test you want to carry out, you may need any of the following:

  • Urine test – you only have to urinate into a cup
  • Cheek swab – the healthcare provider will rub inside your cheek with a soft swab for the test
  • Blood test – the healthcare provider will draw venous blood, or you’d have a finger prick
  • Physical exam – your healthcare provider will examine your genital area for sores, irritation, discharge, rashes, or warts
  • Testing sores- – the doctor or nurse will take fluid samples from your sores or blisters with a swab
  • Swab test – the doctor or nurse will take cell sample or discharge from the vagina, cervix, anus, penis, throat or urethra for testing

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