What Benefits Comes with a Private GP?

What Benefits Comes with a Private GP?

What Benefits Comes with a Private GP?
11 Mar 2021

Having the NHS is a huge benefit to people living in the UK. This service is available for everyone who has need of it, and it is based on needs rather than paying ability, plus it comes at a zero cost during delivery.

In spite of that, there are people who still consult the private health sector for their health concerns. This opens up the opportunity for them to see a private doctor - especially for those who cannot have access to the NHS.

But are there advantages to non-NHS services? Can a private GP actually do so much good for those who consult their services? Let's find out.

Advantages of having a private doctor

1.     Plenty of consultation time: When you book a private doctor appointment, it means you have signed up for a longer consultation! So, you can discuss more health concerns with the doctor instead of the major one as practiced on the NHS. A lot of private GPs can allocate 30 minutes to 1 hour for consultation.

Within this timeframe, you have the advantage of the time to express all your health worries, get an examination, intensive diagnosis, and given a specialist referral if necessary.

Don't be surprised if the GP decides to give you a full medical examination; ask questions about your personal and family medical history to get more information about your health condition or a risk factor. All of these professional checks and analyses are performed on time, efficiently, and expertly. What does this mean for you? It implies you will get a quick, effective, and appropriate treatment. Isn't that amazing?

2.     Flexible services: Private GPs are more flexible in the discharge of their duties. Following the understanding of how busy the lives of most patients can be, a private doctor is open for longer hours of the day for ease of accessibility.

Expect to have an appointment early in the morning, at noontime, evening, or even during the weekend. So, no matter how tight a schedule you have, there is always a time for you to see the doctor.

Here at the London GP Clinic, we offer all-day-long doctor services even on special holidays like Christmas. Our GPs can come over to your office, home, or hotel to offer treatment. This means you are completely covered!

3.     Tailor-made patient care: The luxury of private medical care is the ability to choose a specialist that has the right knowledge of your health condition. You can select from a variety of GPs on who to see in an appointment. The reasons could be personal. You could even pick a male or female doctor for convenience.

In the same way, should you desire, in the private medical sector, the chances of seeing the same doctor at every appointment is high. This proximity can improve your personal experience and the kind of care you receive. The more the doctor knows about your health condition, the more quality care they will provide.

4.     Highly efficient: Patients get very fast and the best referrals for diagnostics, consultants, and specialists when they choose a private GP. These professionals are well affiliated with the best hands in medical care, so much so that they know who you should see for special treatment.

The result of tests done by a private doctor comes out faster than expected. Blood tests, for example, can be returned on the same day.

Health concerns are quickly attended to at private GP's. Should you consult a private doctor in the morning for an urgent diagnostic scan, expect to get a full examination, the result of blood test, or diagnostics by noontime. It is that convenient and easy!

5.     Visits: If you would like to have a private GP in your home, it is very easy. Just tell your doctor, and they will be there. Private doctors can come to your house, office, or hotel - anywhere you feel comfortable and at a time that suits you to offer treatment.

Should you prefer an after-work visit, or weekend visit, the private doctor is your doctor for all time schedules! Just like a one-stop-shop, you can get extra medical services like health screens for STIs, blood tests, and travel vaccines from a private health practitioner.

What if you need a comprehensive health screening that includes, general health screening, cancer screening, cardiovascular health screening, men's health screening, and women's health screening? That is not a problem. Your private GP provides these services excellently well.

Get a private doctor today!

We are pleased to let you know that at the London GP Clinic, both foreign and UK-based patients are offered a full range of premium private health care. If personal and flexible care is what you desire, our doctors provide an exceptional personalised service that is available 24 hours a day, throughout the year.

A lot of private families, multinational companies, top insurers, 5-star London hotels, and the entertainment industry subscribe to our private medical services. It is our aim to build personal, valuable relations with each patient as well as provide enough time for a rigorous, full, and more precise personal health check.

We have a plethora of comprehensive private primary care services, including general health checks, preventative health care, health screening for men and women-specific problems.


There are several good sides to selecting a private doctor for health assessment and possible treatment. The ease, convenience, expertise, and flexibility that comes with a private GP is not something that should slip pass you - if you can afford it.

Imagine how good it will feel to have enough time and freedom to talk to your doctor about the state of your health.

Having a private doctor is like owning an entire hospital to yourself - everything you need is right inside. Still not clear about this whole private GP thing? Contact us.

You can book a private doctor appointment with any of our experienced and qualified GPs. Taking proper care of your health is our priority anytime!