The Role Of Walk-In Clinics

The Role Of Walk-In Clinics

The Role Of Walk-In Clinics
17 May 2021

It is important for you to know your healthcare options and what you stand to gain from them, especially when you do not have a primary care provider or have no insurance. Understanding the role of different health care options such as a primary care physician, emergency rooms, and walk-in clinic even before you have a medical emergency will help you seek the right care when you have one.  

As you read on, you’d get informed about walk-in clinics, their role in health care, advantages and different sections.  

What are walk-in clinics?

Walk-in clinics are healthcare providers that do not require an appointment to provide medical care. Walk-in clinics were primarily for people without health insurance to provide them with basic medical services for an affordable cost compared to emergency rooms. However, walk-in clinics have evolved to be an effective healthcare option for people with emergency medical needs.

The role of walk-in clinics

Walk-in clinics are not the best option for managing life-threatening health emergencies but suitable for treating common and non-life-threatening issues such as the following.

  • Fever
  • Abnormal rash
  • Unusual or intense migraine
  • Flu or severe cold
  • Serious earache

Walk-in clinics can also manage minor injuries such as

  • Sprains
  • Mild eye injury
  • Minor burns and cuts
  • Minor broken bones
  • Back pain

For severe illnesses and injuries with life-threatening symptoms, contact the nearest emergency room. Contacting a walk-in clinic would not be the best action to take because walk-in clinics do not have equipment for advanced treatment.

Advantages of a walk-in clinic

Walk-in clinics have different advantages, making them a perfect option for urgent healthcare needs.

  • Offer on-demand care

You do not need an appointment or wait for long for the healthcare providers schedule to open to receive medical assistance. The clinics are usually open on weekends and evening.

  • Flexible working hours

Walk-in clinics have extended working hours, which mean they are open early in the morning, evenings and weekends. The flexible working hours are suitable for people who are usually busy but want to see a doctor.

  • Minimal wait time

The wait time in walk-in clinics is generally shorter than in emergency rooms. With more people visiting walk-in clinics for urgent medical care, emergency rooms would be free for life-threatening issues.

  • Minimal cost

Walk-in clinics services cost only a little of what you would spend at an emergency room and almost the same as what you spend to see a doctor.

  • Availability

Walk-in clinics are available in different locations, making it easy and convenient to access one.  

Services in walk-in clinics

At a walk-in clinic, you can access primary healthcare services immediately without an appointment and at a lower cost.  However, it is important to have a primary care provider to guide you through different life stages and the health problems that accompany them. You also need a primary care provider to build a lasting relationship and receive comprehensive care.

If you need urgent medical care without waiting to book an appointment or a primary care provider, visit London GP Clinic today. You can also contact us now on 020 7043 4318 to schedule an appointment.