How To Find A Same-Day GP

How To Find A Same-Day GP

How To Find A Same-Day GP
19 Apr 2021

Most people seek immediate medical care, but the long queues at doctors’ offices and constantly engaged reception lines make immediate medical care difficult to access. Health emergencies happen often, and because you are caught unawares, the long wait required by most local GP clinics may leave you stranded. Falling sick during the weekend is also possible, and you can’t wait until Monday to see a doctor.

Although some local GP offices set aside time for same-day appointments, most are not free, and you would have to wait for weeks to access medical care. However, some online and same-day GP services are now available, providing instant access to a healthcare professional for all your health needs.

These practices consisting of enterprising doctors, make it possible for anyone with a medical emergency or simply cannot wait for weeks at the local GP clinic to see a doctor. You also have the option of web-based consultations through your mobile device or computer and face-to-face appointments.

With the average NHS wait time in the UK, moving from 10 to 14 days, these instant healthcare services have become most people’s preferred option for healthcare services.

Benefits of same-day GP services

Same-day GP services allow you to get medical care without having to take a day off work. You can see a GP when you want to, whether late at night or early in the morning. Unlike the NHS that allows you a brief five-minute consultation with a GP, you have a longer consultation time with your doctor because there are no time restrictions and free to discuss more than one health problem.

Opting for online consultation also eliminates the need to sit in a crowded waiting room for hours because you want to see a doctor. You don’t have to think about catching something you didn’t come in for, and if your health problem doesn’t require a physical examination, an online consultation may be the best option for you.

If you do not want an online consultation, you can also visit a same-day clinic to consult a doctor. At an affordable cost, you can have a 10-minute consultation with a same-day doctor or a longer consultation at an extra cost.

Instant GP access

Private GP services offering same-day appointments have trained doctors, most of which work at the NHS, so you can be sure to receive adequate medical care. You not only get instant access to medical care, but the doctor can provide prescriptions, sick notes, and referrals letters.

Although getting access to a same-day GP service may be more expensive than getting care on the NHS, if you factor in the time spent off work sitting for long hours in the waiting room or waiting for a referral for months, a private same-day clinic may be the best option.

If you are tired of waiting long hours to see your local GP and need a same-day GP service you can rely on for adequate medical care, visit London GP Clinic today, and you can also call us on 020 7043 4318 to book private GP doctor appointment