Benefits Of Having A Private GP

Benefits Of Having A Private GP

Benefits Of Having A Private GP
11 Mar 2021

The NHS provides healthcare services to anyone in need of it. Although the NHS services are free, available to everyone, and caters to healthcare needs-based on a person’s need and not financial ability, most people still seek medical care from private general practitioners.

Getting healthcare from the private sector has several benefits, and you can enjoy these benefits when you choose a private GP for your health needs.

The following are the benefits of a private GP service.

 Quick access

An advantage of seeing a private GP instead of an NHS GP is the quick access you get to a doctor. A private GP is readily available, and you can see one at your convenience. You don’t need to wait for hours to have a consultation with a doctor.

Private GP clinics have a shorter wait time than the NHS. Most private GPs provide same-day doctor appointment, and in most cases, you would see the doctor within a few minutes, not several hours or days like the NHS GP service.

Longer consultation time

With a private GP, you have more time for consultation. The longer consultation time allows you to discuss all your symptoms and health problems, unlike the NHS GP consultation, where the consultation time only gives you time to discuss one health problem.

At a Private GP consultation, you could have up to an hour to talk to the doctor about your health issues. The GP will carefully examine you, investigate your health issues, and refer you to a specialist, if necessary.

Your private GP will offer you a full medical examination and ask questions about your family and personal medical history to access your risk factors properly. Your private GP would not be in haste to conclude your consultation, and a private GP service is more organized and efficient. This means that your treatment will be more effective, and you would receive a proper diagnosis.


Private GP services are more flexible. They offer extended appointments, including out-of-hours appointments, even on weekends and evenings. Most private GP practices are available 24/7, including bank holidays and the festive period.

 A private GP can visit you at your preferred location, such as your home, hotel, or workplace.

 Personalised treatment plan

At a private GP practice, you can choose your preferred GP for personal reasons, such as being at ease with a particular GP. With a private GP service, you are more likely to see the same doctor whenever you go to the clinic, unlike the NHS, where a different doctor attends to you at every visit.


Private GPs usually have more access to diagnostic tools, consultants, and specialists. With a private GP, you get to see a specialist faster, and the turnaround time for tests is shorter. For example, you can get your result within 24 hours. Most times, if you see a private GP in the morning, you can have a full examination and your blood test result on the same day, giving you a fast solution to your health problems.


Private GP practices provide house visits when needed, even at weekends or after work hours. You can also get different services like health screens and travel vaccination at a private GP.

At London GP Clinic, we provide extensive private medical care, including general health screening, cardiovascular health screening, well man and well-woman health checks. We offer private healthcare services to different families, insurance companies, and hotels.

We ensure that all our patients feel comfortable at the clinic to share their health concerns by building personal relationships with every client.

You can contact our private GP practice today on 020 70434318 to schedule a private GP appointment in London.